Porting window-picker-applet to GTK+3

Lanoxx lanoxx at gmx.net
Fri Nov 4 00:17:24 UTC 2011


I really love the window-picker-applet and since there seemed to be no
one else to port it to GTK+3 I have started to port it. Together with
this news from today:


it would mean I could get a very similar desktop back than I used to
have in 11.04, and thus finally enjoy Gnome 3 without having to use
gnome-shell ^^.

If there is anyone else interested you may want to have a look at the
current code:


I got it to build (but not run) on 11.10 with gtk3 so far but there are
still many places in the code that need to be updated. I hope I find
time to do that in the next few days.

However what I am having the most problems with is modifying the
data/Makefile.am such that it correctly installs all files when running
'make install'. Could anyone maybe have a look at the repo and give me a
hint what I need to change in data/Makefile.am?


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