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Gaurav Saxena grvsaxena419 at
Sun May 29 09:23:46 UTC 2011

Hello all

I am an undergraduate computer engineering student . I am currently doing my
6th semester . I am very much enthusiastic about ubuntu and have been using
ubuntu since my first semester. I am deeply inspired by the open source
developers' commitment and dedication for giving their best and not even
expecting any monetary benefits in lieu of it. I have seen that there is a
gsoc like program for promoting students to work for open source development
but ubuntu has not participated in it. Also there are programs by individual
organizations like NSOC by ns3 . But ubuntu does not have any program of
that kind (Please forgive me and aware me if any such program exists). I had
seen a link which had gsoc ideas for ubuntu . I am very much interested in
doing such type of project for ubuntu that will help promoting ubuntu and
making it a better operating system.
I don't have much experience of working on large projects like that and this
is also a reason why I want to contribute to open source and to contribute
to my favourite open source software would be a wonderful experience. It
would be great if the community support my idea and it will be great if
possible that I could get a mentor for such type of project and a
certificate of completion for my academic benefit.
Hoping for a positive reply.

Thanks and Regards ,
Gaurav Saxena
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