Chromium vs Firefox?

Földes László foldes at
Tue May 3 22:18:02 UTC 2011

> As per the memory usage when closing a tab, that's by design. As long
> as you have memory to spare, it won't free the tab immediately so that
> it's fast to reopen via "Recently Used Tabs". I'm not necessarily sure
> I agree with that decision, but it isn't a bug regardless.
Firefox should not only optimize closed tabs, but open tabs as well 
since they introduced Panorama in version 4. Panorama is a surefire way 
to make people never close a tab, just hide it. Tabs become like half 
loaded bookmarks, and I like the idea.
The last time I used Panorama with 7 groups and 34 tabs, Firefox was 
eating 1.2 Gbyte memory on a 2 Gbyte Windows 7 system with an open 
Virtualbox virtual machine with dedicated 1 Gbyte memory. Swapping hell 
just began.
When I restarted Firefox, memory consumption dropped down to "only" ~500 

A few dozen open tabs won't hurt Chrome that much, although this in 
itself is not enough for me to ditch Firefox in favor of Chromium.

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