Terrible mirroring user experience

Someone Somebody temp4746 at gmail.com
Sun May 1 19:36:58 UTC 2011

Ubuntu has a lot of mirrors but it seems no one has considered that at times
some mirrors become slow, it's so slow that's it's impossible for me to
download nor install ubuntu.

I'm talking about the il.archive.ubuntu.com mirror and the ISOC mirror.

But the problem here is that there is no option whatsoever to select a
different mirror to download the iso from nor is it possible to choose a
mirror to use during install, even if I run in LiveCD mode and change the
mirror in synaptic's repositories settings the installer ignores them.

This is really a bad user experience design decision, some mirrors can be
slow at times and a user should be allowed to switch to a different one in
such case not be forced to download the iso in other means and skip
downloading additional packages during installation which I have no idea
what sort of impact it will have on my installed system.
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