wubi missing module multiboot to boot with Xen

Abhishek Dixit abhidixit87 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 05:29:09 UTC 2011

Here is a situation 1 week back I had asked in this list about a clean
way to install Ubuntu on a friends laptop and how to uninstall.
I have installed and things worked by now perfectly without any problem.
We are trying to set up a Xen (virtualization)environment in this
laptop as this is the only piece of good hardware with VT support in
built available to us.
After setting up every thing cleanly.
When I needed to boot with following grub entries

menuentry "Xen Linux" {
     insmod ntfs
     set root='(hd0,2)'
     loopback loop0 /ubuntu/disks/root.disk
     set root=(loop0)
     multiboot /boot/xen.gz
     module    /boot/vmlinuz- dummy=dummy root=/dev/sda2
loop=/ubuntu/disks/root.disk ro console=tty0
     module    /boot/initrd.img-

I got
error:file not found.
when booting and command multiboot ,kernel,module are not present.

Now to dig this issue further I reboot the machine and go to grub command prompt

and manually pass on each of the above parameters which you see in the
grub entry
when I reached
grub> insmod multiboot
then I got following message on screen
error:file not found.

It looks like my  grub setup has just enough modules to use loopback
file on ntfs, but the ACTUAL /boot directory is on the loopback NOT
ntfs (hd0,2). Therefore any attempt to read any files from (hd0,2)
simply wont work, cause there's no file there.It's a somewhat
advanced setup, I am trying to troubleshoot ntfs-loop-xen
combination.This is not Xen-specific, but rather wubi - grub -
issue.I want to know how can I install the missing modules of grub in Wubi?
I need to use insmod multiboot and commands kernel,module available in
grub in this Ubuntu setup which was done using Wubi.
How can I get module multiboot in this Wubi based install.Since the
laptop is given to me on trust so I can not format drives
and use a usual partition without Wubi type setup so any clues what
should I do in this situation?

Is Ubuntu only for kids who do not know ls,cd,pwd or it can be made to
work in this grave virtualization situation which I am facing?

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