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On Jun 24, 2011 7:10 AM, "rosea.grammostola" <rosea.grammostola at gmail.com>
> Hi,
> A group of (professional) Linuxaudio users prefer to have a system without
Pulseaudio. How nice Pulseaudio can be for 'consumer audio', it can be a
pain on a professional audio system. That's why some people prefer to stick
with just ALSA and JACK. On most systems this is not a problem at all, like
Fedora and even on Debian, but on Ubuntu it is.

Perhaps Ubuntu does not best serve this audience? A derivative like Ubuntu
Studio may be more conducive (or perhaps a Debian blend or derivative).

Please keep in mind that Debian and Ubuntu don't target the same default
desktop users, thus we don't make the same audio stack decisions for Debian
as we do for Ubuntu (several of us are quite involved in both).

> This raises the question why ubuntu-desktop has Pulseaudio integrated in
such a way that almost the whole desktop system seems to depend on it. There
isn't a good way to remove Pulseaudio from Ubuntu! This is very ugly and not
a good way to handle things in the Linux world.

For GNOME, it's an upstream decision that makes sense for us as a

Every so often a thread resurfaces with sentiments similar to yours. I
recommend that you check the list archives from October 2009, where I have
answered the question already.

> Why? If you can remove pulseaudio easily on Debian, why is it so freaking
hard on Ubuntu? What is the best place to report this major bug?

See above; the two distributions target different desktop users NY default.

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