make-kpkg broken for lucid?

Christoph Mathys eraserix at
Wed Jun 22 10:55:20 UTC 2011


I'm trying to build a 2.6.39 low latency kernel using make-kpkg on
lucid. The current state of kernel-package makes this a bit painful,
here are my experiences.

The first problem is that initrd is not created when the linux-image
package is installed. This can be solved by having kernel-package
include different maintainer scripts into the packages it builds, e.g.
copy the scripts from the stock 2.6.32-generic kernel package (as
described in

This leads straight to the second problem: The symlink in
/lib/modules/<uname>/build is broken and does not get corrected by the
maintainer scripts copied from 2.6.32. This breaks stuff like dkms. I
solved this second problem by copying the missing code from the
original kernel-packages postinst into the postinst script copied from
2.6.32 (patch attached).

Did I miss some switch in kernel-package which makes the above
problems resolve itself? Or is there a new way to build custom kernel
packages without too much hassle?

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