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Wed Jun 1 15:54:43 UTC 2011

On 05/29/2011 04:23 AM, Gaurav Saxena wrote:
> Hello all
> I am an undergraduate computer engineering student . I am currently doing my
> 6th semester . I am very much enthusiastic about ubuntu and have been using
> ubuntu since my first semester. 

> I am deeply inspired by the open source
> developers' commitment and dedication for giving their best and not even
> expecting any monetary benefits in lieu of it. I have seen that there is a
> gsoc like program for promoting students to work for open source development
> but ubuntu has not participated in it. 
Unfortunately, Google did not accept our application this year.

> Also there are programs by individual
> organizations like NSOC by ns3 . But ubuntu does not have any program of
> that kind (Please forgive me and aware me if any such program exists). I had
> seen a link which had gsoc ideas for ubuntu . I am very much interested in
> doing such type of project for ubuntu that will help promoting ubuntu and
> making it a better operating system.
So what's your interest?  The beauty about Ubuntu (and most other
opensource projects) is that you can jump in where ever you want :).  I
could help you with contact points, if you can provide me a list of
areas you are interested in working with.

> I don't have much experience of working on large projects like that and this
> is also a reason why I want to contribute to open source and to contribute
> to my favourite open source software would be a wonderful experience. It
> would be great if the community support my idea and it will be great if
> possible that I could get a mentor for such type of project and a
> certificate of completion for my academic benefit.
An official certificate might be difficult, however I'm sure whomever
you work with would be willing to provide an email certifying your
participation.  Again, since the work is in the open, the need for a
certificate of proof is much less ;).

> Hoping for a positive reply.
Hope my reply was positive :D


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