Maintenance of TeX Live

Peter Flynn peter at
Sat Jul 23 20:24:37 UTC 2011

In comp.text.tex article <98ue7rF7c8U1 at> on 23/07/11 
00:08, Peter Flynn wrote:
> On 22/07/11 07:54, CTAN Announcements wrote:
>> Karl Berry writes:
>> We've gone ahead with the network release of TeX Live 2011 (as
>> some people have already noticed :).
> Does anyone have any information about who deals with repackaging
> this for Ubuntu? The Ubuntu sites are less than forthcoming on this.
> They still have texlive-2009 as the default. While this isn't a
> show-stopper for most users, it would be nice to encourage Ubuntu to
> update it (by jumping to 2011 if need be), and even nicer to offer
> help. And I have no idea what the poor Red Hat users do: RH seem
> still to be shipping teTeX.
> Desktop Linux users who are not professional systems managers or
> Unix experts should be able to use their system's own
> package-installation method rather than install from the TL DVD, so
> that they don't have to cope with the multiple breakages of
> dependency chains which result from doing that.
> ///Peter

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