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Hi Román, Hi all,

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> Hi folks.
> I'm an Ubuntu user and supporter for years, in Argentina. And I'm the
> marketing contact of in my country too.
> Now, with the becoming of LibO to Ubuntu... ¿Is there the possibility
> that (vanilla) is in Ubuntu repository?
> Note: Forgive my poor English. I try to ask this very kindly.

There are currently no plans to include in Ubuntu. The
reasons for this are manifold:

 - OOo is a huge package to maintain.
 - On Debian, LibreOffice replaces OOo: there are transitional
   packages from OOo to LibreOffice, that will upgrade you
   automatically to LibreOffice. We want to keep in sync with Debian as
   far as possible in this regard so that we can maximize synergy.
 - It is a lot easier to contribute back to LibreOffice than it was
   for OOo, allowing integration of functionality like this:
 - LibreOffice now has its own infrastructure, with a website, wiki
   and bug tracker. This solves a lot of the confusion caused by the
   go-oo product being too close to the OOo brand.
 - Ubuntu never shipped the version by Sun/Oracle, but
   go-oo including many additional features, which are now only in
   LibreOffice and would be direly missed by users.

The binary packages that are offered on the OOo website are a mess to
install on almost every Linux system. If you feel unhappy about that,
please ask the OOo project or Oracle to do something about it. Of
course, the OOo project, volunteers or Oracle are free to create a PPA
with packages that are easy to use for the end user.

However, for the reasons given above, there is currently no effort to
bring Oracles into the Ubuntu repositories. On the other
hand, in the open source world nobody is stopping you from creating a
PPA and start an effort of your own.

Best Regards,

Bjoern Michaelsen

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