help on pyshared and jinjia2 ubuntu 10.10

李白|字一日 calidion at
Sun Feb 20 10:25:19 UTC 2011

hi all,

i am developing python apllications with ubuntu 10.10.

and migrating project base from appengine to tornadoweb.

jinjia2 is the template engine i chosed in my previous project, and  i want
to use it again.

but now i found my eclipse could not find jinjia2, and python itself either.

i found by using dpkg that the python jinjia2 is now installed in a
different place instead of the dist-packages.
and it is now located at: /usr/share/pyshared/jinja2

because i am not quiet familiar with python, so i don't know how to make it
right again.

i added /usr/share/pyshared/ to eclipse library path, but it didn't work for

can anyone help me on this?


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