Ubuntu @ FOSDEM 2011

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Fri Feb 4 01:13:32 UTC 2011

Hello all,

This weekend is FOSDEM [1] again, so I hope to meet a lot of Ubunteros
there...  :-)

Those of you in the Ubuntu community who come to FOSDEM but didn't put
their name on the wiki yet, please do:

We will also have Ubuntu lanyards and paper cards to put your name on at
the booth that you can use to make yourself identifiable.  It would be
nice if you bring them back on Sunday before you leave so that we can
reuse them in the Belgian LoCoTeam, but if you forget make sure you keep
it for your next Ubuntu/FLOSS event.  Of course if you still have a
lanyard from UDS or another Ubuntu event, feel free to bring it with you
instead.  Recycling is good!  ;)

The Ubuntu booth will be in the hallway (as usual).  For those who put
their name on the wiki as booth volunteers: thank you!  There are
currently 9 names on the list, and somebody told me that he would
probably help too, so that means there are enough people to give
everybody the chance to see some talks.

Building the booth starts around 9h, people start to come in around

If you have interesting hardware running Ubuntu to show off, or you know
a nice presentation/video/software about Ubuntu or related projects,
feel free to bring them with you.

The last 2 editions of FOSDEM we went out on Saturday evening to eat
with a group of people from the Ubuntu community.  For people interested
in doing this again, we'll keep a list at the booth and call a couple of
restaurants in the late afternoon or early evening to see if some place
can take us.  Currently I found 2 places that are really not expensive
(so the students and others on a small budget can come along) and near
the city center:

      * Al Jannah, the Lebanese mezze (snack) restaurant we went last
        year, prices 10-15 € last year IIRC
      * Amadeo, specialised in spareribs à volonté ("all you can eat"),
        prices 13-17 € for a main course

Both places also have vegetarian food.
If you know an alternative place to try, please let me/someone know at
the booth.

I hope we all will have fun!

[1] For those who don't know FOSDEM: it's probably the biggest
non-commercial community-organised event for developers of Free Software
& Open Source.  http://fosdem.org/2011/

Jan Claeys

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