Proposal to delay release of Precise Pangolin

James Freer at
Tue Dec 13 08:11:04 UTC 2011

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 3:15 AM, nick rundy <nrundy at> wrote:
> Canonical/Ubuntu, please don't feel obligated to release Precise Pangolin in
> April 2012. A delayed release would strengthen stability and allow more bugs
> to be fixed in both Unity and GNOME 3.2.
> Considering the "long-lived" nature of an LTS release, it would be
> preferable if Precise Pangolin was delayed a month or two (or more) than for
> it to be released on time with visible bugs. There are so many bugs that
> plague Oneiric. Many exist in GNOME 3.2. Perhaps Precise could be delayed a
> month or two and Ubuntu developers could fix some of the "minor" bugs
> plaguing GNOME 3.2?

After reading the following posts i wanted to raise the release issue.
It seems that staff are under  a lot of pressure to deliver the 6
month releases as well as LTS. I've been using Ubuntu for about  5 yrs
and it seems that quality varies between releases likely due to the
pressure staff are under.

Would it not be better for all to produce an annual version that's
allowed time for testing and bug fixing. LTS is ok but second year and
one is starting to find quite a few apps that have been updated and a
six month release simply doesn't give adequate time for staff. If
you're wondering what i do... i'm an april updater


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