Re2: An idea about unity and classic stuff

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Thu Dec 1 12:16:55 UTC 2011

Le 01/12/2011 11:08, David Gao a écrit :
> Well, I like unity, but I still think it good to add some classic elements. I think we at least need a classic menu, and some panels. Unity has a great launcher, which reduces my clicks a lot. The lens just mix everything together, and can be a great problem when I have plenty of music and applications stored on my computer. I have to always search. I wonder if we could have something like folders in our lens, and do not have to always show everything in the category.

Great that you like unity ;-) If you prefer a "classic menu", you can 
easily install softwares that provide one (see one of my previous emails 
on this list and topic). Why do you feel you need "some panels"? What is 
missing from the unity one for you? If you have lot of datas searching 
will always be easier than trying to figure an organization scheme that 
works, especially that different users have different way of working and 
would want the same thing from the interface.
Did you try to use the lenses for a while? Browsing applications in the 
applications lens should be similar to using menus, it lists the same 
content, has the same categories, they are just displayed as filters 
rather than submenus.

Sebastien Bacher

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