An idea/feature request for incorporating a "Classic" menu into Unity

Mayank Rungta mr.mynk at
Thu Dec 1 08:14:40 UTC 2011

I am not sure if this is the right forum but since this topic has been 
touched I wanted to know how well the unity interface has been received. 
I see a lot of posts on returning to the classic gnome. It appears that 
there are just too many people out there missing the classic features.

Basic things like Alt Tab behave very differently killing the purpose of 
virtual desktops (grouping as you roll through all the windows) and 
grouping of similar windows again is a problem as I would have a 
particular type of application (say Thunderbird) on the same Desktop. I 
can't wait for Alt Tab expand - the older method was so much simpler and 
faster. Any particular reason to change it? I can't customize any of the 
panels - can't add shortcuts to panels, resize them, add panels, etc. 
The worst part is a lot of these things I am not even able to revert 
back to. Why is the new interface so rigid?

I am myself moving to StumpWM now to make things easier for myself - at 
least predictable at a much better performance. A colleague is even 
contemplating creating a light weight desktop based on StumpWM with 
basic things in place as it is so much faster. Haven't tried xmonad yet. 
At least StumpWM gives a good mix of using mouse and keyboard. But for 
my newbie friends I was hoping the current interface was simpler or 
behaved like the conventional desktop.

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On 12/01/2011 08:32 AM, Ray Perigo wrote:
> There seems to be much griping going about regarding Unity, in 
> particular the lack of a "classic" menu - admittedly, I'm one of those 
> gripers. I see no reason why a simple applications (a-la GNOME 2.x) 
> menu can't be added as a right-click function on the Dash button. This 
> sort of menu is a must-have for a lot of users, and this sort of 
> implementation would allow it to coexist peacefully with the Dash/Lenses.
> Cheers,
> Ray Perigo
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