Keyboard mapping selection comes to late during install

Jan Claeys lists at
Sat Apr 30 04:17:16 UTC 2011

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre schreef op vr 29-04-2011 om 16:02 [-0400]:
> Otherwise, at the boot menu, select French for the language, and press
> F3 (IIRC) to get to the keyboard selection list. You should be able to
> select another layout from there.

Almost nobody knows that this boot menu (still) exists, because there is
no way to know that it is there, unless you accidentally pressed a key
during boot or somebody told you.

(I know there are some icons at the bottom during boot that are supposed
to tell you that, but I've never met a person who understood them...)

> I don't think it's feasible to please everyone in this case: for the
> French language (as it is the case here), people from France will most
> likely want the French azerty layout; people from Canada will want one
> of the French Canadian qwerty layouts or US/Intl; and people from
> other french-speaking nations are likely to have different
> requirements as well. Whatever default layout is choosen is bound to
> make people unhappy ;) 

The solution is simple: let people choose their keyboard layout *before*
starting partitioning, as it was in older versions of the installer, not
*after* partitioning.

Jan Claeys

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