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Loek Bergman loek.bergman at
Fri Apr 29 12:58:36 UTC 2011

Dear Canonical people,

First of all thank you for creating Ubuntu 11.04 and your continuous effort
in this. I will surely keep using and stay fan of Ubuntu.

However, I was not pleased with Unity as my desktop manager. I am using a
wacom tablet to prevent me getting RSI. Starting with the updated version I
could not use it properly. It was working for a right handed person - I am
left handed. I had to search for the setting of preferences - and could not
find it. I could not see which applications I had opened, because the status
bar at the bottom was open. I am not someone who wants to use an icon bar
like that and am using synaptic package manager more then the Ubuntu
Software Center. I was deeply annoyed to say the least.

Luckily I found out quickly how to revert to the 'Classical' theme. I call
it from now on the usefull theme.

I call this replacement of theme without any warning a severe user guidance
bug. Not providing to find any way to preferences or system administation
staggering amazing. I am an used to be software engineer. The first thing I
want to learn from any application is:
1. how to start it, and
2. how to end it.
I think you should introduce this in a very visible fashion, next to a
tutorial how to use Unity. Now I was just surprised and could not find my
way home on my own computer. If you would let people to use Unity, please
add a tutorial how to use it, how to end it and how to configure it. These
kind of changes are a matter of time and patience, if every user starts with
annoyance, then is that not a good start.

Reminds me of 'veni vidi vista', which translates more or less to 'I came, I
saw, visited it'. :-)

With kind regards,

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