pure EFI booting, Intel Macs, etc.

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Subject: pure EFI booting, Intel Macs, etc.
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Hi all,

I hope I'm not wasting your time with an often-discussed topic, and I'm 
sorry if this is not specifically Ubuntu-related, but I am very 
interested in Grub and EFI, specifically on Intel Macs. It's been a pain 
so far, but I've gathered what I think is a basic understanding of EFI 
on Macs [1].

If it is possible, could any of you please

1. verify that my current understanding [1] is correct and please, reply 
to correct me where my understanding is incorrect

2. direct me to any valuable resources regarding this area so I can gain 
a more detailed understanding

If any of you could use some of your time to help me that would be 
greatly appreciated.

[1] http://azabani.com/docs/apple-pure-efi-linux

Thanks and best regards,
Delan Azabani


I can't really help you on the issue of grub and efi booting. But it's a
very common complaint among the open-source community and I see the same
discussion all over the internet forums and mailing lists of open-source.

I hope someone can help you and you get it sorted soon. ;-)


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