Conditional patching in mod-wsgi

James Page at
Tue Apr 19 10:23:28 UTC 2011

Hi All

I need a bit of guidance on the best way to apply the fix for bug 759943
(see [0]).

Basically mod-wsgi 3.3 is not compatible with Python 3.2; this is being
worked on upstream for version 4.0.  The upstream developer has provided
a patch based on trunk that should resolve the compatibility issues and
allow support for Python 3.2; but he has recommended that it only be
applied for the python 3.2 version of this Apache module.

All of the versions are built from the same source package; I have made
a change to debian/rules to apply the patch for the python 3.2 build

            [ $* = 3.2 ] && patch -p1 <
        debian/patches/python-3.2-compat.patch \
                || true
            mkdir -p build-$*
            cp *.in *.c configure build-$*/
            cd build-$* && ./configure --with-apxs=$(APXS2) \
            [ $* = 3.2 ] && patch -p1 -R <
        debian/patches/python-3.2-compat.patch \
                || true

However I appreciate that this is not compliant with format 3.0 (quilt)
and is specific to this package.

I have considered the following options:

	1) Dropping format 3.0 (quilt) - its not technically required.
	2) Having a separate source package for this fix.
	3) Sticking with format 3.0 (quilt) and reworking the patch to put the
conditionality into the code.

Option 1) would be quickest but is this the best way of resolving this

Help/guidance/opinion much appreciated.



James Page
Software Engineer, Ubuntu Server Team
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