IronPython and Mono are very old. How can we get an update?

Vernon Cole vernondcole at
Wed Apr 6 18:58:33 UTC 2011

Parts of this discussion have been fed back to the IronPython
development team, with the result that the IronPython build script has
been repaired, and we can now build IronPython 2.7 against the .NET
2.0 library. It is reported to work fine on Ubuntu with the stock
  I also got promoted to a (gulp!) developer on the IronPython
project. That's what I get for asking too many questions.
  What is needed to get that version of IronPython into the Ubuntu
release packages?
Do you need to build from source or would a binary do? do we need to
publish the .NET 2.0 binary version also/elsewhere?  What?
Vernon Cole

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