An Open Letter to Ubuntu Developers

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On 16 September 2010 13:29, Jan Claeys <lists at> wrote:
> Op maandag 06-09-2010 om 17:05 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Tony
> Atkinson:
>> 3) Link GUI & CLI operations using common syntax
>> I'm in two minds about including this,
>> as this is not a usual use-case for the majority of people
>> but I'd love for all GUI applications to be invokable via the CLI, using
>> some standard syntax
>> I've found that often times I'll use a GUI app to perform some set of
>> operations, then I'm wanting to perform the same operations across
>> multiple files, and currently I'm forced to find alternative apps of
>> automating said operations
>> Eg. I've recently needed to perform the following operations on several
>> hundred photos
>> in order for them to blend in with a user-configurable webpage colour
>> scheme
>> (Making an image whose background gradually fades to transparent at the
>> image boundaries)
>> - Open image in the Gimp
>> - add a transparent layer
>> - Select all
>> - Shrink selection by 5px
>> - Feather selection by 5px
>> - Invert selection
>> - Clear selection (to transparent)
>> - Save as a PNG
>> Surely it should be possible to automate such GUI operations using a CLI
>> interface
>> and if you've got experience with a specific desktop app, I think it
>> would be hugely beneficial if you could keep using the same program both
>> on the GUI and on the CLI
>>         for IMG_FILE in $IMG_FILES; do
>>                 gimp-cli
>>         --process="layer-add:transparent;select-all;select-shrink:5px;select-feather:5px;select-invert;select-clear;file-save:${IMG_FILE}.png" $IMG_FILE
>>         done
> Your proposal must have been read and implemented by somebody with a
> time machine, as The GIMP's batch mode has been around for years.  ;-)
> I think doing that in a general way with all GUI applications would mean
> that you would have to add support for a common scripting engine to all
> applications, somewhat like AppleScript on Mac OS, or ActiveX scripting
> in Windows.  Some applications might need major changes to make that
> possible, and in some cases it would significantly bloat them or
> (partially) duplicate existing scripting functionality (that can't be
> removed for backwards compatibility or because it has more/other
> features).

The Amiga had ARexx (Rexx itself came from IBM mainframes). Every
"real" Amiga application exposed its functionality via its ARexx port
which was basically just a way of delivering strings and get strings
back in reply.

There is no need to build the scripting engine into every application.
ARexx was just a scripting language with a built-in ability to
communicate over ARexx ports. I wrote perl ARexx bindings so that I
wouldn't have to learn yet another scripting language.

These days, using JSON or something like that instead of ad-hoc text
commands would probably be best.

Being able to script across almost all of your (GUI) apps let people
do great things with ARexx.

All that said, don't DCop for KDE and dbus for gnome provide the
basics of this (when the app has bothered to implement them)?


> The first thing to do if you want to see this happening would be to get
> all desktop environments to agree on a common system for this (probably
> through  Good luck with that...
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> Jan Claeys
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