Firefox profiles on a tmpfs (ramdisk)?

Phillip Susi psusi at
Sun Oct 24 18:09:06 BST 2010

On 10/24/2010 10:12 AM, Jouko Orava wrote:
> The question is, are Ubuntu developers interested in this?


Have you tried using libeatmydata?  The only key difference there should 
be with using tmpfs is that it effectively makes fsync() a noop.  Aside 
from fsync and friends, the filesystem cache should make using the files 
normally just as fast, but firefox makes excessive use of fsync, which 
tends to slow things down.  You should get similar performance from 
disabling the fsync calls to the normal on disk files, which you can do 
with libeatmydata.  Unfortunately Mozilla views the syncing as vital to 
prevent the profile from being corrupted, and will not work to remove them.

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