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Hey all,

I looked @ filing a bug but it seemed to direct me here.

First off, the manual partitioning section is confusing, especially
when trying to set up encrypted LVM.

Creating a /boot partition is common enough it shouldn't be required
knowledge, IMHO.

Also, I don't think it's that unusual to request encrypted LVM on the
unused portion of the space.

It certainly is easy enough to request it on the whole disk - why not
the unused space?

Also, once you've set up LVM, things get hairy if you try to "Go
Back".  It'll be unable to mount partitions that have been designated
at PVs.

I know this isn't an easy request, due in part to the brain damage
of the hard partition table, with compatibility back to MS-DOS, but
I wonder if there's an easy algorithm for the common cases.

I personally don't use anything BUT encrypted LVM any more (I'm a
security guy).  I hope it'll be the default in the future, but I'm
okay with being ahead of the curve :-)

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