More LiveCD space optimizations

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Nov 5 20:20:36 UTC 2010


Matthias Klose [2010-10-08 11:54 +0200]:
>   - Packages which should not be on the CD.  Some things should not be
>     on the CD at all.  Looking at the current live CD log, a typical
>     candidate for this would be tcl8.4. Why is it there, and how can
>     it be avoided?

One thing that currently needs it is usb-modeswitch. I'd love the
usb-modeswitch-dispatcher thing to be rewritten in C, Vala, or another
compiled language. Not only is it holding tcl in the default install,
but it also dramatically slows down boot.

>   - Localized help images. You cannot just remove the images from an
>     application's help, but in the past we did ship all these localized
>     help images on the CD. CC'ing Martin, don't know the current status.
>     However it looks like there are some xml files which maybe should
>     be part of the language packs.

Since Lucid (or so) we strip those out of the app packages and ship
them in the language packs. That already saved us a lot of space.

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