SRWare Iron: Chromium without the data-mining

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Tue May 18 23:57:16 UTC 2010

On 19 May 2010 00:49, Dylan McCall <dylanmccall at> wrote:
>> I've posted this on the debian-devel mailing list as well. This was
>> posted out of a concern that Canoncial is thinking about switching
>> over to Chromium in later releases as Lubuntu has done already. I have
>> seen articles of this possibility as well. I don't feel making
>> Chromium the default browser is appropriate until the privacy issues
>> are addressed. I also feel that taking care these issues before a
>> switch to Chromium is even seriously considered is beneficial to
>> everyone.
> Given that the privacy concerns have been neatly documented[1] by
> Google including instructions on disabling the offending features, I
> can't shake the doubt that they could ever be addressed in some
> peoples' opinions.
> [1]

Note this link above is about Google Chrome not about Chromium.
Chromium doesn't have that.

> Granted, I may just be ill informed. Is there some detail being missed
> in that document?
> It's not that I have anything against Iron, of course, though I am
> slightly wary of their website and apparent lack of a source
> repository. Doesn't feel brilliantly maintained. Maybe they just need
> a gentle nudge in Launchpad's direction.
> With regards to packaging, there is a Launchpad PPA with daily builds
> of Chromium, so they surely have sorted out any installation and
> packaging quirks in that source repository. Perhaps you can get a diff
> with Iron's changes, and if you're incredibly lucky it'll apply
> smoothly. Could save you some work :)

The chromium daily builds ppa is more accuratly should be described as
a mini-fork it has spliced chromium tree almost in half and throughout
out loads of junk (embedded copies of libraries being the most
significant part).

My personal opinion is that current chromium daily builds ppa (which
is maintained by a few folks including some that do mozilla for
ubuntu) is far more secure and stable in terms of packaging and
integration with Ubuntu & Debian _and_ it doesn't have google goggles
spying users.

At UDS it has been discussed to switch Ubuntu Netbook Remix to
Chromium for Maverick.

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