Ubuntu needs a new development model

Ryan Oram ryan at infinityos.net
Thu May 6 03:03:51 BST 2010

I apologize for the top posting. Gmail is not the best client for this. :P

The devs on Launchpad often don't have the most recent versions as the
fact that users have to go through hoops to add PPA (I do not expect
my dad to be able to add a PPA) limits their userbase. Increase the
number of people who will use the packages and the developer will be
encouraged to keep their PPAs better up to date.

I expect that any packages that are not done properly (which is VERY
hard to do with Launchpad) would be caught by the minimal testing. It
would be very easy to spot a package that made from a binary blob


On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 9:53 PM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs
<dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> Answer: It broke the flow of reading
> .
> Question: Why is top posting bad?
> Please stop that.
> The high-quality ppa's are done by Ubuntu&Debian developers and not
> upstream authors. Those that are fixing bugs in Ubuntu are targetted
> at ubuntu archive after sufficient testing is done and uploaded.
> PPAs bitrot: it fixes one thing but ubuntu archive moves on and you
> are stuck either with old version with one fix from ppa or newer
> version from archive which has these after cool features but not this
> one fix.
> Plus I've been hit personally when ppa's don't provide versions for
> the current release.
> As for building on launchpad it is theoretically possible to make a
> binary blob tarball upload it and just run dpkg-deb*
> * I haven't tried it myself & possibly there are auto-rejection
> scripts on launchpad to detect this.

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