Ubuntu needs a new development model

Tom H tomh0665 at gmail.com
Thu May 6 02:16:33 BST 2010

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 9:08 PM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs
<dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On 6 May 2010 01:38, Brandon Holtsclaw <me at brandonholtsclaw.com> wrote:
>> On Wed, 2010-05-05 at 20:34 -0400, Daniel Hollocher wrote:
>>> I'm pretty sure that getdeb.net and the ppa's on launchpad satisfy
>>> most cravings for rolling releases.
>> And Debian sid and/or Testing for that matter
> And of course ubuntu+1

Except that there is a period of a few weeks after a release where
there is no ubuntu+1

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