Trouble with 32 bit Gtk app on 64 bit system - no or misleading error msgs

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Wed Mar 17 00:08:53 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, March 17, 2010 03:10 AM, Scott Beamer wrote:
> Christopher Chan spake thusly:
>>> I don't mean to be a "[citation needed] troll", but I've honestly never
>>> heard anything suggesting this before. Would you mind explaining how
>>> RPMs handle 32/64 better than DEBs? My understanding was that as long
>>> as you installed ia32-libs then you shouldn't have to do anything else;
>>> the software having problems in this thread is some sort of anomaly.
>> It probably is not rpm being better than deb. But right now most 32-bit
>> library packages cannot just be installed on a 64-bit installation.
> Unless of course youu're running Feodra, openSUSE or Mandriva (among
> others I'm sure)....

Oh come on, Scott, you know this is about Ubuntu. Anyway, come June, it 
will be at least three years since this issue was highlighted. You got 
more salt for this wound? Of course, this was never a problem for 
Solaris/OpenSolaris too. This particular competitor cannot be ignored 
much longer.

>> 32-bit packages will take over /usr/lib 'namespace' in a 64-bit
>> installation when they should be stuffing themselves under /usr/lib32.
>> It is as if you need to have a separate repository for 64-bit distros
>> just so that their 32-bit library packages can be told to make their
>> home in /usr/lib32 and not try to take over /usr/lib which really
>> belongs to 64-bit libraries on a 64-bit installation. In fact, this is
>> exactly how Fedora and RHEL work. They have a separate repository for
>> 32-bit distros and for 64-bit distros. The 64-bit distros' repos have
>> both 32-bit and 64-bit packages which are going to stick their contents
>> in the places.
> It's similar for Mandriva as well.

I wonder why I am not surprised. They used to advertise themselves as an 
'optimized' RHL + Mandrakeware

>> The problem therefore is the way packaging is currently done and the
>> repository architecture. That is why you have to resort to an uber
>> ia32-libs package which is really not a solution at all but a cloth
>> being tied around a leak of a pipe. It helps but does not completely
>> solve the problem.
> Exacty. That's precicely my point.  Fedora, Mandriva and openSUSE have
> thsi down.

Which has nothing to do with rpm versus deb. It just happens that their 
repo layout/structure was much more conducive to packaging properly for 

> Debuntu is just lost.....

Happens when you have been King of the Hill for so long. Turtle versus 
Hare anybody?

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