Trouble with 32 bit Gtk app on 64 bit system - no or misleading error msgs

Scott Beamer geekboy at
Mon Mar 15 17:18:00 UTC 2010

Evan spake thusly:

> I don't mean to be a "[citation needed] troll", but I've honestly never
> heard anything suggesting this before. Would you mind explaining how
> RPMs handle 32/64 better than DEBs? My understanding was that as long as
> you installed ia32-libs then you shouldn't have to do anything else; the
> software having problems in this thread is some sort of anomaly.

They just "work".

For example, in Fedora...

if you install a 32-bit RPM via YUM (see APT in Debuntu) as you would 
with a 64-bit RPM, YUM will pull all the edependancies in and install 
them as well.

Debian's ia32libs doesn't install ALL needed 32-bit libs for a number of 
packages if installed in the past.

My best suggetion to you would be to spend some time with the competition 
and see for yourself. :)


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