Where and how to make a request to add custom keyboards?

J.A.J. Pater jajpater at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 10:22:37 UTC 2010

Dear list members,

As a student of theology I'm using customized keyboards for typing Greek 
and Hebrew.
These keyboards are made by mr. Poythress 
Now I'd like to know if it is possible that these keyboards could be 
added to Ubunut by default,
so I don't have to install them every time there is a distro upgrade.
I don't know where to post such a request.

I'm made an changed evdev.xml and il and gr keymaps so that the other 
keymaps are not affected (in contradistinction of the link above).
I could mail them to this list, but I don't know if that's usefull.
I'd just like some info on how to go about in case of such a maybe 
somewhat idiosyncratic feature request.
Could I post a feature request in launchpad? Where? Or do I have to 
contact x developers? How?


Adriaan Pater.

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