libfile-changenotify-perl needs Linux::Inotify2 v 1.2 (which isn't available)

William Crawford william at
Mon Jun 14 14:35:01 UTC 2010

bill at spllab:~/git/spl$ DBIC_TRACE=1 script/ -d -k -r
Couldn't load class (File::ChangeNotify::Watcher::Inotify) because: 
Linux::Inotify2 version 1.2 required--this is only version 1.1 at 
/usr/share/perl5/File/ChangeNotify/Watcher/ line 9.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at 
/usr/share/perl5/File/ChangeNotify/Watcher/ line 9.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib/perl5/Class/ line 101.
 at /usr/lib/perl5/Class/ line 105


and so on.

Lucid Lynx, up to date as of five minutes ago. Updates, proposed and lucid-
backports repositories enabled.

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