New firefox support model and coming changes in stable updates

Hammer Attila hammera at
Wed Jun 2 07:25:44 UTC 2010

Dear Sebastien,

I am a visual impaired user and little hobbi accessibility related 
development doing, but I am not experiencing developer. Yesterday read 
your letter with this list, I not want criticism, only wroted my 
experiences with visual impaired user perspective.
The purpose is very good, I would like suggest one think:
Now, do not use Webkit if this is possible, because Webkit is not 
accessible now with prewious Orca Screen Reader releases (2.30.x and 
older releases).
A typical example with Webkit inaccessibility is following, happened 
with Lucid developing cicle, but already solwed this issue with migrate 
back with Yelp gecko based version:
When Lucid development cicle Yelp developers tryed migrate a Webkit 
based Yelp version, this change resulting a full unusable Yelp 
application with Orca Screen Reader, and temporary visual impaired users 
can not possible use the help system.
Unfortunately I don't known now what percentage the Webkit accessibility 
with Orca master version and what tasks need do before Webkit is full 
accessible before any application migrate to Webkit.
Visual impaired users only Firefox Web Browser is the accessible way 
graphical web browser in Ubuntu and another Linux distributions I think.
Oldest Ubuntu releases Firefox 3.6.x version upgrade with accessibility 
In Firefox 3.6.x series have a regression bug, with not yeet fixed, with 
affects oldest Ubuntu releases:
In this bugreport, have a Bill Cox doed caret navigation related patch, 
but this patch is not committed official.
Before this bug is not fixed, some navigation related problems have 
Firefox 3.6 version, few problems are:
1. When the visual impaired user launch Firefox web browser, need press 
an f5 key to reload the webpage and possible use arrow keys or 
navigation keys to navigate a webpage. If this key press or a Tab key 
press is not happening, unable to navigate the caret with arrow keys.
2. If the visual user jump a heading with h or Shift+h key, and press 
Tab key, the caret jumps wrong position, not the phisical next object 
after the choosed heading, for example the new link. Only help after the 
heading jump the user press a down arrow key and after this use the Tab key.
Bill caret navigation related patch solves this navigation related 
issues. The difficulter problem is following in prewious Orca versions 
In Orca 2.30 release, the Orca application preferences page if Firefox 
launched have a "grab focus on objects when navigating" checkbox. In 
Firefox 3.6.x series, need uncheck this checkbox to possible use Firefox 
3.6.3 version with more accessible, of course prewious wroted navigation 
related limitations are have, because the prewious linked bug is not 
fixed with Mozilla developers yet.
Prewious Orca releases unfortunately not have this preference possibility.
Because this problems are present now unfortunately, oldest Ubuntu 
releases I think better upgrade with Firefox 3.5.9 Karmic based version, 
but I don't no this is technical possible, but this change I think not 
destroiing Firefox accessibility with prewious Orca versions use.

Good luck,


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