unlocalized about screen

simsonbike-bugs at yahoo.gr simsonbike-bugs at yahoo.gr
Tue Jun 1 14:57:00 UTC 2010

In many graphical projects (or programs etc.) the "about" screen (or form) has only the localized name of the project. Hence no one can identify the project. 
I understand that the localized project name is, also, the project name by its self but it would be much easier to search for a  bug of "gnome-system-monitor" then it is for search of bug for "Παρακολούθηση συστήματος".
I think that must be somewhere (in the first "about" screen of the program) his unlocalized project name.
(The trick I use for now is to click on menu ->
Help->translate this project...
which opens an https to bugs.launchpad.net/.... with the name of the project.
But I do not think is the idea of an "about" screen.)
Maybe a first (static?) line with the project's name plus a second with the localized name would do the trick.
I know that every project is responsible for his about screen but I think a general advise to "ubuntu part" of the project to use such an "unlocalized line" would be good.

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