ntfs-3g - mount defaults

Milan Niznansky online at minosi.eu
Tue Jun 29 23:28:24 UTC 2010

Hi all,
  presently, default mount options for ntfs-3g are:
... gid=46,umask=007 ...

This has (common user) usability consequences:
1) it disables "silent" option
2) it activates "default_permissions" option
See http://www.tuxera.com/community/ntfs-3g-manual/

When a user attempts to copy files from ext filesystem to NTFS mounted
with this option, he is very likely to be greeted with a huge ammount of
ntfs-3g error messages as the "silent" behavior is suppressed.

When user then searches for the problem, most solutions navigate him to
create and configure .NTFS-3G/UserMapper.
Getting that file right is several levels beyond getting /etc/fstab
right manually for a casual user...

I would suggest both gid and umask options be removed for desktop

User mapping is of limited use for basic dual-boot filesharing and
requires extensive maintenance for correct operation.
Also, the preferred way to create UserMapper is from within Windows
which is by no means intuitive.

Hopefully, I am not duplicating this.


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