Is Ubuntu commited to free software?

David Schlesinger lefty at
Thu Jun 10 16:07:42 UTC 2010

On 6/10/10 8:46 AM, "Scott Kitterman" <ubuntu at> wrote:
> Certainly,  but the point is
> the so called free kernel does more than just remove code that is arguably
> non-free. It also changes Free code to take away user's choice to use such
> blobs if they choose to.
> That's a political change that reduces user's
> freedom to use the system the way they want to. It's fine, IMO, for such a
> political kernel to exist,  but it's fundamentally in conflict with the values
> of Ubuntu and not appropriate for our archive.

I'm constantly bemused at the way that more "freedom" seems to result in
less actual choice.

"You keep using that word, but I do not think it means what you think it
does."~Mandy Patinkin as "IƱigo Montoya" in /The Princess Bride/

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