Is Ubuntu commited to free software?

Travis Beaty twbeaty at
Wed Jun 9 23:30:57 UTC 2010

Hmm.  This confuses me, then.  Because I know it was a problem at one
point, at least with SuSE.  I had to get different packages from plf in
order to play them.

- Travis.

On Wed, 2010-06-09 at 19:25 -0400, Martin Owens wrote:

> On Wed, 2010-06-09 at 16:59 -0500, Travis Beaty wrote:
> > Now then.  Having been involved in the Linux society and culture, I
> > understand why closed-source software is shunned.  However, I also see
> > that, at this juncture, it is often necessary to make things work.
> > Right now, I've got a wireless driver and a graphics driver that are
> > proprietary.  I know this because the Device Manager told me.  I also
> > have the restricted extras package installed. 
> But Mp3 playback isn't closed source, it's not a problem because it's
> licensed under the LGPL. You can play back MP3s and still be completely
> free as in speech... patents aren't copyright, the owners of the code
> actually want you to use these things as open source.
> Martin,

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