Is Ubuntu commited to free software?

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Jun 9 17:19:09 UTC 2010

"Danny Piccirillo" <danny.piccirillo at> wrote:

>Of course it is! At least according to our philosophy:
>Still, many people don't think that Ubuntu is truly committed to free
>software in practice. These people can and should be our allies. Their
>concerns are valid, and they are not difficult to appease. I'd like to
>present a short list of simple ways that Ubuntu could show it's commitment:
>1. Offer ways to easily purge all non-free software from one's system.
> * This would require supporting the linux libre kernel (it doesn't have to
>be by default, but the option should be available.

No. It doesn't. That kernel removes the ability to run non-free drivers. The exact same amount of non-free code runs if you don't have any installed. Just about the last thing Ubuntu needs is the maintenance overhead of another kernel that only serves ideological purposes. 

There is already a free software only install option that not only will not install anything non-free, it also disables the restricted and multiverse repositories so that people who are concerned about this can safely install new packages without fear of contamination. 

Scott K

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