Proposal: DNS cache by default for ubuntu-desktop

Mohammed Bassit webceo123 at
Wed Jun 2 13:41:49 UTC 2010

> Let me also mention that dnsmasq has the capability of providing ICS
> (internet connection sharing) [3]. This would be an excellent feature
> to add to NetworkManager's graphical interface, which is yet another
> feature that competing operating systems provide by default.

This is already implemented in NetworkManager. I believe dnsmasq-base is
included by default in Lucid (in Karmic too I think).
You only need to select "Shared to other computers" when edit the IPv4
settings of a network connection [1].

As to caching DNS, I agree that it could significantly speed up the
loading of certain websites. I'm going to try installing dnsmasq and see
how it works out for me. 



Mohammed Bassit <webceo123 at>

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