Question about this list

Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Jan 28 02:38:45 GMT 2010

Amahdy wrote:

>>Because what we have works very well and doesn't rely on an external
> entity.
> We all know that there is "no bug free software", so if mailman is very
> good, google-groups are -per my usage- very good too
>>Mailing lists are the lifeblood of most open source projects.
> Always wondering why!! why not move on to a *group*

Google didn't invent "groups".  It's just a proprietary Usenet.  If you 
prefer reading a newsgroup, you can get just about any Linux "list" via 
gmane - and those of us who prefer "groups", do: 

>>they perform their designated task far more effectively.
> More effectively based on what? in our list here, open the archive, then
> choose January-2010, then choose sort by date, then open a random thread,
> then press "Next"
> The next one will be the next one "by thread" not "by date" as expected,
> this maybe a small bug (but I don't think so) or maybe it's something that
> wasn't "designated" from the beginning. and here is what I wanted to
> perform: open the list-page sorted by date and read the new threads by
> pressing next, next ... not by click, then back, then scroll, then click,

That's a client function - my newsreader and mail client both read the 
"next" message by pressing the space bar.

> then aahhh I opened this one before that ... then close the browser and I
> don't want to read anything. what if from my simple browsing I want to
> just hit reply and send, this also not in the design at all, instead I
> MUST use an email client which is oh my god I was just navigating the list
> from my mobile phone and it does not contains a multi-tab to open the
> email in another tab without loosing this page ....

Again, that's in your choice of client, and nothing to do with using Google 
or not.

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