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Thu Jan 28 01:01:09 UTC 2010

>Because what we have works very well and doesn't rely on an external

We all know that there is "no bug free software", so if mailman is very
good, google-groups are -per my usage- very good too

>Mailing lists are the lifeblood of most open source projects.

Always wondering why!! why not move on to a *group*

>Tying your mailing list service to an external provider makes little sense
in most cases.

That's why maybe google made something called external archive, so if you
like you can store your emails somewhere outside Google.

>Requiring people to hand their personal information over to Google just to
participate in a project is unreasonable.

You can use it anonymously (if the admin specified that), or else I'm still
asked to give my info here to be registered, if I don't want to I may give
fake one it's not a big deal, it's internet!

I do like emails of course, and also of course I know how to filter out and
label (though at google-groups I can specify a specific filter to apply on
delivery from the beginning), but I also want system with more feature, like
files storage, docs, it's new tech why not use it?
>From another post I see that one way of getting some revenue, Canonical
decided to make a deal with Yahoo, so why not as a way of lowering costs,
use another free service instead of paying for lots of
servers/load/bandwidth/administration ... etc

Those are just thoughts nothing more, as personal experience, we in my
company are using a google-group as way of "development-list" and it's
pretty excellent for us specially when I can do many many things with almost

Another example is, Mozilla, they actually moved to google groups, I don't
think it's their partnership that made that or else they might move their
source code into a google-code and in the other hand Google wouldn't coded
their own bug-tracker and used bugzilla instead...

>they perform their designated task far more effectively.

More effectively based on what? in our list here, open the archive, then
choose January-2010, then choose sort by date, then open a random thread,
then press "Next"
The next one will be the next one "by thread" not "by date" as expected,
this maybe a small bug (but I don't think so) or maybe it's something that
wasn't "designated" from the beginning. and here is what I wanted to
perform: open the list-page sorted by date and read the new threads by
pressing next, next ... not by click, then back, then scroll, then click,
then aahhh I opened this one before that ... then close the browser and I
don't want to read anything. what if from my simple browsing I want to just
hit reply and send, this also not in the design at all, instead I MUST use
an email client which is oh my god I was just navigating the list from my
mobile phone and it does not contains a multi-tab to open the email in
another tab without loosing this page ....

-- Amahdy AbdElAziz
IT & Development Manager
3D Diagnostix Inc.
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