Samba 3.4.4

Klaas TJEBBES klaas.tjebbes at
Fri Jan 22 17:19:18 UTC 2010


Will Samba 3.4.4 be released for Ubuntu in a near future ?

There is a bug that prevents the use of 3.4.3 (packaged on Lucid) with 
win7 clients :

I ask this here because this is the maintainer mail address of Samba 
packages, and because I have tried to build package from Debian 
samba-3.4.4 package but without success. So if Ubuntu maintainers have 
decided to build samba 3.4.4 for Ubuntu in a near future I will wait. If 
not, I will try to search more how to build samba-3.4.4 for Ubuntu.


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