New OCaml 3.11.2: inclusion in Lucid?

Michael Bienia michael at
Thu Jan 21 11:04:26 UTC 2010

On 2010-01-21 09:57:41 +0100, David MENTRE wrote:

> As usual with OCaml, if the OCaml compiler is updated, *all* OCaml
> packages should be rebuild. This is a not so simple task that should
> be done in 6 rounds. We have done this before. Debian will probably
> transition to 3.11.2 in a short time-frame. According to Debian
> developers, all Debian packages recompile without issue with this new
> compiler.

I guess Debian will do binNMUs for the rebuilds or are uploads needed?

> My questions:
>   * Should Lucid integrate this new OCaml 3.11.2? (I think so)

As I'm not familiar with OCaml, I can't judge this.
But a quick look at our Ubuntu delta shows that it got included
upstream, so we can sync from Debian once it's there.

>   * If yes, can one or more Ubuntu Developers help me do the
> transition as I am not myself an Ubuntu Developer? (validate my sync
> request and mentor my work)

If nobody object that we shouldn't do this transition, I'm willing to
help you with this (validate your sync requests and do no-change uploads
for the rebuild if necessary).


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