Can we get ntfs-3g 2010.1.16 in Lucid?

stephan marguet at
Wed Jan 20 02:19:46 UTC 2010

ntfs-3g 2010.1.16 appears to fix some important things.
2009.11.14 was already a tremendous improvement in speed and CPU usage.

Why should Lucid stay with 2009.4.4, with its known performance
problems on full or fragmented disks, and very high CPU usage?

The forums are full of user complaints with regards to NTFS
(especially on external drives).  In my case upgrading from 2009.4.4
to 2009.11.14 took transfer of 1.5G to an external NTFS HD from one
hour (2009.4.4) to less than a minute (2009.11.4).

Can we spare everyone the pain and go to 2010.1.16 in the next release?

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