Removing Ubuntu releases, just Ubuntu

Aitor Pazos mail at
Sat Jan 16 11:38:46 UTC 2010

El 16/01/10 08:53, arshad escribió:
> Hi think, those who have older comps would find this difficult. as most
> of the time, the new releases won't support them. or it takes some time
> for the bugs to be fixed.
Allthough Ubuntu should be as resource friendly as possible I think it 
should be aimed at "current" PCs, there are other distributions with old 
PCs in mind. Anyway, with the current model old PCs loose support after 
18 month if you don't upgrade to a newer release. Nevertheless I agree 
that old PCs shouldn't be discriminated, but I don't see why they 
couldn't run in the "no-releases" model. Applications are polished on 
every release, being less resource intensive. That's good for old PCs. 
New services like tracker are added, but you can remove them from your 

>   also i think its difficult to roll back to the
> previous good configuration if someone feels to.
This is one of the trickiest part. With this approach we need to be very 
careful when new versions are released, so breakages are minimized. 
Anyway, people might have access to older versions of the software as 
you could have now in the repositories within a Ubuntu version.

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