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> I've just read those mail talking about dropping one or the other part
> of the name from future Ubuntu releases. For many users, releases naming
> is a bit confusing but many. The point is that many others don't even
> care about which version of Ubuntu they are running. At this point I
> think Google's approach with ChromeOS is something interesting. There
> are not different versions of ChromeOS. If you have ChromeOS installed
> you will always have the latest software installed.
> There are important benefits using this approach:
>     -Support effort can be focused on the current version of the OS and
> not having to support several versions of the same software at a time.
>     -Users who don't want to care about updating OS won't have to
> complete the "scary" update distribution process every six months.
>     -Not being a power user does not mean that you won't have the
> latest software.
>     -When bottom layers changes occurs developers should be much more
> careful with transitions. This can be seen as painful, but I think it
> improves user's experience.
>     -The answer for the question: "What OS is that one you're using?"
> would be just "Ubuntu" without any number, adjective or cute animal.
> While this approach is OK in the desktop world it might not be the same
> in server's area. In servers world it might be better to keep the
> distribution's model; where each package's version don't change during
> supported period.

I like this idea for home desktops. Unfortunately, this method would also be
a problem for the enterprise workstation area, where sysadmin's need to know
that the software installed isn't going to change at all barring security
patches until the next major cycle. Unless Ubuntu splits into
home/enterprise versions (which is against one of the core principles) then
this isn't going to happen.

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