an alternative approach to visudo & /etc/sudoers

Rene Veerman rene7705 at
Fri Jan 8 14:47:21 UTC 2010    : sudoers corrupted
- all root xs lost (declared invalid)
comment #5:
Hmm.. i admit, i should've read the comments in the file i was editing.

But just a suggestion; you could have sudo keep a backup copy of the
last known good for /etc/sudoers.
If it detects a corrupt /etc/sudoers, it tells you it's using the
backup (and it's location).

That way, i as an app coder can focus on app coding instead of having
to read the entire comments for every OS config file i need to edit,
hoping to spot that comment that is going to save me from creating
fatal errors by beginner mistake.

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