Ask for a nickname in users-admin; Was: Should Short really be username when creating a user in users-admin

Derek Broughton derek at
Sun Feb 28 13:53:47 UTC 2010

Thomas Templin wrote:

> I would vote for
> and also for
>     'Full Name'      (DE_de: 'Vollständiger Name')
>   or better
>     'Name Surname' (DE_de: 'Name Nachname')

You'd know better than me if that's better in German - but it's certainly 
wrong (confusing) in English.  Translations don't (and shouldn't) have to be 
literal.  "Full Name" works in English.  Other options like "Forename 
Surname", "Given Name  Surname" are clumsy (largely because we can't decide 
what to call the first name).  "Name Surname" suggests you are asking just for
a Surname (as in "Name: Surname"), and your users will either presume the
"short" or "login" name is the given name, or be waiting for another prompt.

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