bugreporting workflow improvement needed i think..

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On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 1:46 AM, Brian Murray <brian at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> I believe that this functionality is already built into Launchpad at
> least for Ubuntu and other projects.  However, if it isn't or there is a
> deficiency in it this is best brought up with the Launchpad developers
> rather than Ubuntu ones.  You can do this on the launchpad users mailing
> list.

thanks for proving my point...

i leave it up to the other readers on this list to push to fix this.

but you should know that many improvements are shoved aside this way.

<dev> : "go ask <them>".
<them>: "nah, go ask <there>".
<there> : "nah, it's really <dev>'s or <them>'s problem".

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no, IMHO i think it's more like this:

<potential client>: "I can't fix this crap and don't have time, can you do it for me?"

<devseesuckercomingfromileaway>: "Gee, i wish I could help, but it's not my department"

<potential client>: "You think maybe toggling the wobble button
would fix it,  or maybe rerouting the dabbling shaft to the ethernet
cable through the wifi parralel port, would help?"

<devseesuckercomingfromileaway>: "It might, have you tried using
your electrodynamic pixelization manipulation panel(keyboard) yet?"

<potential client>: "Not yet, but I was just about to"

Three weeks later, 84 hrs of mind numbing blank stares at the monitor, and 6 holes in the wall later...

<potential client sends mail to list>:


Software Developer 

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