Triaging Bugs with Patches

Emmet Hikory persia at
Sun Feb 21 08:59:37 UTC 2010

Brian Murray wrote:
>> To my mind, once a bug has an attached patch which the triager can verify as
>> at least being potentially useful, there should be a simple button "flag as
>> patched".
>> This flag should ping the maintainer with something like: "Project X has a
>> ticket with a patch!".
>> The maintainer (or another dev) should then check the patch, commit it, and
>> close the bug.
> The bugs with patches are already flagged this way in bug listings, the
> dual band-aid icon, additionally e-mail notifications now indicate when
> attachments flagged as patches are added to bug reports.
> The sponsorship queue is a way to collate bug reports with patches
> across packages which is something that isn't easy to do in Launchpad.
> You can either view all the bugs with patches (quite a lot at the
> moment) or only one package's bugs with patches.

    The sponsorship queue isn't really intended to be a catch-all
bucket for all bugs with patches, but rather a way that those who
cannot (yet) upload to Ubuntu may present candidate packages for
review and upload.  The candidate is presented as a debdiff or diff.gz
to save bandwidth and storage requirements.  It is not uncommon that a
sponsor will unsubscribe the sponsorship queue while the patch is
being reviewed or corrected, and pushing such bugs back in queue only
complicates the sponsor assignment process.

    I believe there is an Ubuntu Reviewers team, which is potentially
better used for this, but I'm not that familiar with the workflow of
that team, so it is worth checking with them first to find out whether
they have a good place to track bugs with patches.  I've generally
used custom searches in launchpad to discover them, but agree that
these URLs can be complicated to construct (and don't have links,
except by using the Advanced Search form).


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