ubuntu-bug (was Bug reporting for Ubuntu Server? WTF?)

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at mail.utexas.edu
Mon Feb 15 17:59:38 UTC 2010

> Subject: Re: Bug reporting for Ubuntu Server? WTF?
> From: Brian Murray <brian at ubuntu.com>
> Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 10:49:58 -0800

> The ReportingBugs wiki page also has a section about "Filing bugs when
> off-line" which discusses how to use apport-cli to save a report that
> you can then report from another system with X and a browser.
> If you were to use the off-line filing method a web browser would be
>  opened where you could then provide feedback as to what you are sending.

Thanks for the tip.  Note that there is no mention of the latter 
paragraph in the section "Filing Bugs when off-line", which is why I 
didn't see how this was helpful to me.

Since I frequently work in a terminal (with ssh X forwarding turned off 
or on servers with no X packages installed),  I think the usability of 
ubuntu-bug could be simply improved -- see below.

> Subject: Re: Bug reporting for Ubuntu Server? WTF?
> From: Mario Vukelic <mario.vukelic at dantian.org>
> Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 20:01:26 +0100

> I think the problem is that ubuntu-bug excepts you to know that
> additional steps (duplication search, etc.) including a comment input
> field will follow in a browser window after you press the Send button.
> With the current UI I can understand if someone comes to the conclusion,
> like the OP, that the report will be simply sent without his input.

Exactly! I had no idea that ubuntu-bug planned to open a browser window 
to allow me to add comments, and had no intention of sending a bug 
report which I knew contained no useful information.  Perhaps ubuntu-bug 
could be simply improved by having the program check for the presence of 
a DISPLAY variable, and if not found, provide an alternative user 
interface that either allows you identify a file with comments on the 
command line or instructs you specifically to keep the report file and 
send it from graphical console?  Posted below is an entire terminal 
ubuntu-bug session -- surely I'm not the only one who finds this to be 

Also, I'm still bothered by a linux bug reporting system that requires a 
graphical interface.  When I'm working on a server, I want to be able to 
do as much as possible there, including filing bugs.

pgoetz at newton:~$ ubuntu-bug samba

*** Collecting problem information

The collected information can be sent to the developers to improve the
application. This might take a few minutes.

*** Send problem report to the developers?

After the problem report has been sent, please fill out the form in the
automatically opened web browser.

What would you like to do? Your options are:
   S: Send report (1.8 KiB)
   V: View report
   K: Keep report file for sending later or copying to somewhere else
   C: Cancel
Please choose (S/V/K/C):

Pasted below is an entire ubuntu-bug s

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